2015 Election

Election statement and policy papers

Canadians want coherent action and principled leadership. No more manipulative, secretive and unaccountable government. No more everything-but-the-kitchen-sink omnibus bills. We must restore power to Parliament and the people.

Canadians want leadership that speaks for Canada as a whole. We want a well-functioning federation that fosters and requires the open collaboration of all levels of government – federal, provincial, municipal, Indigenous – so that government actually helps Canadians meet our daily challenges: finding and keeping a decent job with decent pay, raising children in a safe and clean environment, caring for elderly parents and disabled relatives, and ensuring enough healthy food is on the table.

Canadians want investments in our social and economic infrastructure and even-handed taxation, to re-establish a shared sense of justice and equality. We want to feel that we are treated fairly and with respect, by each other and by our governments. We want peace and security at home and abroad in a way that balances our rights and responsibilities as citizens, without compromising our fundamental values.

The Green Party believes that our national government – the one government elected by all Canadians – can be a creative and unifying force, building a sustainable economy and jobs, preserving the planet, and creating a more secure world for ourselves and our children.

A vote for the Green Party in 2015 is a vote for this fresh approach and a new beginning for Canada: One Canada for all Canadians.

How do we get there? Here are four ways:

1. Increase employment and social security; real equality of opportunity

2. Grow jobs and build a sustainable economy that promotes both prosperity and a healthy environment

3. Peace and security at home and abroad

4. Open, accountable, effective governance that gets things done


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