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The 25th Anniversary of the Charlottetown Referendum (October 26, 2017)

The Constitution is a “Living Tree”: Time for New Growth (June 2017)

Reform or Revolt: The Challenge to Canadian Democracy – Overview (February 2017) 

1. Closing the Gap between Rhetoric and Action

2. Harmonizing Legislation and Action across Jurisdictions

3. Serious Reform to Representative Institutions and Practices 

4. Expanding Direct Citizen Participation

5. Modernizing Arrangements for Intergovernmental Collaboration

(“No Deal [to Charlottetown Accord]” by Deborah Coyne and Robert Howse, October 1992)

Canadians Want to Believe a Different Way Is Possible: Doing Our Part for Syrian Refugees (September 2015)

One Canada for all Canadians (August 2015)

Reform or Abolish the Senate: The Choice is Ours (June 2015)

Canada Interrupted: From ‘We The Premiers’ To ‘We The People’. Time Overdue To Bring Our Constitution And Our Federation Into the 21st Century  (January 2015)

Why We Must Demand More of Our Politicians (January 2015)

Why Political Party Nomination Processes Require Serious Reform  (November 2014)

Canada’s Immigration And Refugee Protection System Needs A Comprehensive Overhaul  (July 2014)

Practical Policy Can Trump Partisan Pettiness  (February 2014)

How To Beat Harper’s Cynical Election Playbook (January 2014)

Trust Constitutional Reform To The People  (November 2013)

Five Steps To Restoring Canada’s Representative Democracy  (October 2013)

It’s Time To Hit The Reset Button On National Politics  (September 2013)

How The Debate Over Quebec’s Secular Charter Can Be A Springboard To A More Unified Canada  (September 2013)

Thinking Beyond The Horizon: Governing As If The People And The Future Matter  (July 2013)

Stephen Harper’s Small Thinking Doesn’t Engage Canadians  (June 2013)

Discussion Points On Immigration  (June 2013)

Citizen Engagement: Power From The People  (May 2013)

Charter Day Commentary  (April 2013)

Middle East Commentary  (April 2013)

A Guaranteed Annual Income Is Not A Silver Bullet  (April 2013)

Canada And Syria  (April 2013)

Abortion Issues  (March 2013)

Mr. Couillard, Quebec, The Constitution, And Canada  (March 2013)

A Canadian Head Of State  (March 2013)

Roadmap To One Canada For All Canadians  (March 2013)

Economic Priorities  (February 2013)

Building A Stronger And More Inclusive Federation – One Canada  (February 2013)

Moving Beyond Supply Management  (January 2013)

Akwesasne Border Control Issues  (December 2012)

Gun Control Commentary  (December 2011)

Commentary On Idle No More Movement  (December 2012)

One Canada For All Canadians  (November 2012)

Approving Nexen Takeover Isn’t That Simple  (November 2012)

Doctor-Assisted Suicide  (October 2012)

How Can We Get More Women In Corporate Boardrooms?  (October 2012)

Commentary On International Trade And Investment Agreements  (October 2012)

The Quebec Election Results  (September 2012)

Restoring Fairness To Canada’s Increasingly Complicated Tax Code  (August 2012)

Council Of The Federation  (July 2012)

Breathing New Life Into Our Democracy – Part I  (November 2011)

Breathing New Life Into Our Democracy – Part II  (November 2011)

Breathing New Life Into Our Democracy – Part III  (November 2011)

A Crisis Of Confidence – Part I  (August 2011)

A Crisis Of Confidence – Part II  (August 2011)

A Crisis Of Confidence – Part III  (November 2011)

A Crisis Of Confidence – Part IV  (August 2011)

Senate Reform For The People, Not The Politicians  (June 2011)

Lessons From Election 2011  (May 2011)

Losing The Soul Of Our Nation  (January 2011)

Great Nations Cannot Be Sustained By Sports Events And Military Operations Alone  (January 2011)

Groundhog Day Rally, Anyone?  (November 2010)

The Un-Funny Business Of Canadian Politics – When Comedians Become The Voice Of Reason  (October 2010)

Towards A 21st Century Canada  (May 2010)

Trading Apathy For Action: Time For A New Ethic Of Government And Citizenship  (April 2010)

The Year That Was: Peeling The Onion, Only To Find…, There Is No Onion  (January 2010)

Who’s Looking After The National Interest In The Quebec-New Brunswick Hydro Deal?  (January 2010)

National Purpose: Lost In Collaboration  (October 2009)

The Federal Government’s Declining Capacity  (August 2009)

The Descent Of National Politics Into Irrelevance And Insignificance – Part 1  (June 2009)

Parliamentary Committees And The Public Service – Part 2  (June 2009)

Policy Areas That Should Be Arms-Length From Politicians And Parliament – Part 3  (June 2009)

The Canadian Economic Union – Part 4  (June 2009)

Climate Change Policy – Part 5  (June 2009)

A Call For Bold National Leadership – Part 6  (June 2009)

To Gaffe Or Not To Gaffe: That Is Not The Question  (April 2009)

Clean Energy And The Environment: Obama Impresses, Harper Regresses  (March 2009)

Equalization For Uncertain Times  (February 2009)

National Securities Regulator Long Overdue  (February 2009)

Budgeting Backwards  (February 2009)

Economic Crisis As Opportunity  (January 2009)

Canada’s National Government Missing In Action  (November 2008)

Canadians Stuck In Groundhog Day Nightmare  (September 2008)

Points Of View – 2008

Medicare For The 21st Century: Time To Put Autism On The National Agenda  (April 2008)

Canada’s Role In A Global Era  (March 2008)

Harper And Immigration: Divisive Policy By Stealth.  Petty Politics and Power Plays Trump Vision and Principle  (March 2008)

Canadians Without Borders  (November 2007)

On The Eve Of An Historical Election  (October 2007)

Bold And Visionary National Leadership In Action  (September (2007)

Public Support For Arts And Culture  (March 2007)

Good Government And Good Citizenship  (April 2007)

Reinventing Canada For The Twenty-First Century  (March 2007)

Protection Of The Environment – The Crucible Issue Of Our Time  (March 2007)

Heading For The Future: Good Government, Good Citizenship – Justice, Equality, Diversity  (March 2006)

Elections Define Our Future: Uniting Canadians And Moving Forward  (January 2006)

Canada’s Future: From Rights To Responsibilities  (March 2005)

Leadership Now (December 2001)

Collection of Policy Papers (2012-2013)

1. Who Will Step Up?

2. How Governments Can Get Along

3. Paying Our Fair Share

4. Greater Equity From Coast To Coast To Coast

5. Investing In Workers And Workplaces

6. A Prescription For Healthier Medicare

7. Retirement Security We Can Count On

8. Towards A True Economic Union

9. Concrete And Steel: Fixing The Foundations

10. On Guard For Thee: Why Regulation Matters

11. Energy Policy And Sustainable Development

12. Climate Change: It’s A Scientific Fact

13. Welcome To Canada

14. Open To The World

15. Peace And Security In An Insecure Time

16. What Makes Us Canadian

17. Canada Includes Quebec

18. A Way Forward For Indigenous Canadians

19. A Round Of Applause For Arts And Culture

20. More Justice In The Justice System

21. Restoring Power To Parliament

22. Better Balloting