This website is dedicated to discussion of One Canada for all Canadians – the need for bold national leadership and coherent national government. In my collected opinion pieces, I address a wide range of areas requiring firm action by the one government that is elected and accountable to all Canadians.

The vision of a strong national government is not found in any single political party. The real strength of One Canada resides in the vast majority of individual Canadians – Canadians without borders – who are building this great country regardless of partisan political affiliation. A new generation is focused on the world, not on borders, and not on the parochial and the tired debates of petty politics.

In Election 2015, we were relieved to have finally put an end to the Harper Conservative era and the diminished, unambitious Canada of Stephen Harper. But there are still challenges ahead to our goal of building a better Canada and a healthier democracy. Here is my cautionary comment on the Trudeau government as we enter Canada’s 150th year – Reform or Revolt: The Challenge to Canadians Democracy – Overview. My article also discusses directions for an ambitious public agenda: 1. Closing the Gap between Rhetoric and Action; 2. Harmonizing Legislation and Action across Jurisdictions; 3. Serious Reform to Representative Institutions and Practices; 4. Expanding Direct Citizen Participation; and 5. Modernizing Arrangements for Intergovernmental Collaboration.

As much as ever, Canadians must stay engaged, get off the sidelines, and take back the initiative from self-serving political machines. We need to convert the energy, skills,and grassroots experience and insights of our country’s many citizen-based mobilization efforts into more effective political power. And we must demand as much of ourselves as of our governments.

We have to get back to the fundamentals of governing for all Canadians – for One Canada for all Canadians – a Canada that earns the admiration of the world, for our innovation and competitive spirit, for the respect we show to the environment and Indigenous peoples, and for our commitment to social justice and support for those who need it.